January/February Trestleboard

Kemper-Macon Ware Lodge #64 A.F. & A.M.

  • Message from the Master
  • Message from the Secretary
  • Upcoming Events
  • Masonic Birthdays

Message from the Master

To the Members of Kemper-Macon Ware Lodge No. 64,

Our Tuesday Zoom meeting series has been a roaring success. We’ve had excellent presentations by W. Jim Loudermilk, R.W. Roger Peak, W. Troy Van Winkle, W. John Smith, and myself. We will continue to hold a Zoom each Tuesday at 1900.

We have a library! The downstairs room to the left of the entrance was emptied, scrubbed, and reorganized into a library, reading, and meeting space. There are a large number of histories, works of fiction and non-fiction, and a trove of short talk presentations available to any brother. A big thank you to the brothers that have been showing up on Saturday to help clean out the lodge.

We have a website! We have begun posting info on our website, There are more features coming soon, but for now we are maintaining the Trestleboard/Announcements page. At some point in the near future we will also maintain the calendar, where all upcoming events will be announced. In the meantime, please feel free to explore.

Peace be with you,

Christopher Kelly

Message from the Secretary


Please note that we have sent electronic dues notices out. The trust account which finances a large portion of lodge expenses has had the dividends reduced. Also, please note that since the pandemic, we have no rental income. So it is critical that members respond to the electronic dues notices rapidly.

We are trying to earn the Morlock Award again this year. This requires 20% of our members to contribute $5.00 or more to the Masonic Home of Virginia. This is an easy task to accomplish and helps benefit the MAHOVA. Our dues are $95 per year so if you are inclined to participate add the $5 to your dues for a total of $100.00.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact me. My telephone number is 703-237-0036 or by email at


Philip Niemann Rhodes, PDDGM


Upcoming Events

We are continuing with our weekly Tuesday Zoom Series. Here is the list of upcoming events:

  • Tuesday, February 16 – Zoom Presentation. 1900 hours. Presentation by W. Kinne Sutton: Origins of Freemasonry.
  • Tuesday, February 23 – Zoom Presentation. 1900 hours. Presentation by R.W. David Potts: Freemasons and Aviation.
  • Tuesday, March 2 – Zoom Presentation. 1900 hours. Presentation TBD.
  • Tuesday, March 9 – Zoom Presentation. 1930 hours. Presentation TBD.
  • Tuesday, March 16 – Zoom Presentation. 1930 hours. Presentation TBD.

Masonic Birthdays

Robey, M.W. Donald Maynard – January 29, 1968 – 53 years
Cunningham, Bro. Larry Lynn – January 16, 1973 – 48 years
Martin, Bro. Charles Franklin – January 7, 1983 – 38 years
Goodman, W. Mark Leslie – January 23, 1989 – 32 years
Gan, W. Jun Emmanuel Miyata – January 24, 2001 – 20 years
Tamayo-Rios, Bro. Matthew Douglas – January 12, 2005 – 16 years
Cooper, Bro. Patton Thomas – January 10, 2008 – 13 years
McMichael, Bro. James Patrick – January 22, 2009 – 12 years
Wagreich, Bro. George Edward – January 22, 2009 – 12 years

Gerber, Bro. Robert William – February 4, 1966 – 55 years
Hensley, Bro. James Lee – February 20, 1973 – 48 years
Hall, Bro. Mark Foster – February 26, 1999 – 22 years

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