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Kemper-Macon Ware Lodge No. 64 A.F. & A.M.

  • Message from the Master
  • Message from W. Troy Van Winkle
  • Installation Recap and List of Officers
  • Upcoming Events
  • Masonic Birthdays
  • W. Christopher Kelly’s Biography

Message from the Master

To the Members of Kemper-Macon Ware Lodge No. 64,

Several years ago, having recently attended a one-day conferral, I was in search of guidance. It was my intent to return the catechisms and I needed an instructor. So, one rainy evening at Cherrydale Columbia Lodge, Worshipful Edward Jones, my sponsor and first Worshipful Master, introduced me to Worshipful Troy Van Winkle. Troy invited me to the KMW ritual school and became my mentor. I petitioned Kemper-Macon Ware for membership because of the vibrant community and fellowship I found. And you welcomed me with open arms. Over the past several years it’s become more than just a community. You are my friends and my brothers. And now it is my privilege to be part of our bright future. Please accept my sincere appreciation for the trust you have placed in me. 

We have five keen line officers preparing to take the East for the next five years. It is truly a blessing that all of our officers are so dedicated to the craft and the lodge. Each of them will bring something new, and each of them will leave the lodge stronger than they found it.

Worshipful Van Winkle put us on the path to Becoming the Example, and I look forward to working with all of you to keep reaching higher and dreaming bigger, to Build on the Foundation, and to pursue that greater light in Masonry.

Peace be with you,

Christopher Kelly

Message from W. Troy Van Winkle

My Brethren,

In 2017, my first year as Master, the theme was ‘Love in Light’. It alluded to the work that we would begin and the bonds that were solidified in the quarries. We learned to trust each other, we stopped holding each other at arm’s length, we were Brothers, but we became friends. In that newfound trust, we all started to learn more, growing the Light. In 2018, the theme was ‘Hillman or Bust!’ Well, after what we started in 2017, we hit the ground running, Fraternal visits were knocked out by mid-February, we had presentations in other Lodges, 7 Catechism returns, 6 affiliations, and were getting even stronger in Ritual. We were awarded with the Hillman for the first time since 2002. In 2019, Worshipful Eric McElwain took over, and he wanted to continue the programs that we had in place. Two…consecutive…Hillman’s….and then came the Levy and Stokes Awards, now two consecutive years. In 2020, the theme was consistency, keeping down the same path that we were headed, and further entrenching the soul of the Lodge. ‘Becoming the example’ was the theme. When we welcome brethren from any Masonic jurisdiction, they will witness the example of Virginia Freemasonry within our Lodge.

2020 has been unlike any other. Due to the horrific pandemic of 2020, the Grand Master had to close down all Lodges holden under the Grand lodge of Virginia. April to August we did not hold business meetings, we did not meet socially without the proper PPE’s. This pandemic has led to the downfall of many Lodges around the State of Virginia, but somehow, KMW has still gotten stronger. It’s because of those bonds that we grew from 2017 til this very moment. I love ‘Our Guys’. But how did we do it? We had several individual advancements and certifications. We’ve had each of our Officers working together to make this Lodge operate efficiently. We have multiple members actively mentoring and instructing newer Masons. Two of our members hold District 1A offices. At the One-Day conferrals in October and November, our members outshined the best of the best Ritualists in the District. And most importantly, we made a Mason that day who was raised by our next Worshipful Master.

I sincerely thank each and every one of you for your support and contributions along the way. I look forward to being part of the future of this Lodge. We’re not done yet!

Troy Van Winkle

December 2020 Installation Recap and List of Officers

Installing Officer – W. Jeffrey Mark Hayes

On December 7, 2020 the lodge elected and installed the 2021 officers. The installation team did a wonderful job, and I would like to again express my sincere gratitude for installing the 2021 officers.

Installing Marshal – W. Troy Edward Van Winkle
Asst. Installing Marshal – W. Edward Brooks Jones
Installing Secretary – W. David Glenn Wilson II
Installing Chaplain – W. John Thomas Hubbell

Below is a list of the elected and appointed officers for the 2021 Masonic year.

Worshipful Master – Christopher Moor Kelly
Senior Warden – W. James Arville Loudermilk II
Junior Warden – Joshua Kenneth Farrar
Treasurer – George Edward Wagreich
Secretary – R.W. Philip Niemann Rhodes
Senior Deacon – Jose Fernando Revollo Salazar
Junior Deacon – Troy Jebez Brown
Senior Steward – Kevin Franklin Thomas
Chaplin/Lodge Education Officer – W. John David Smith
Marshal/Home Ambassador – R.W. Howard Michael Sobel
Tiler – W. Robert Browning Rench
Lodge Instructor of Work – W. Jeffrey Mark Hayes
Lodge Blood Coordinator – W. Alvaro German Torrico

Upcoming Events

KMW will not hold in-person meetings until further notice. Here is the list of upcoming events:

  • January 19 – Zoom Meeting. 1900 hours. Presentation by R.W. Roger Peaks.
  • January 26 – Masters and Wardens Zoom Meeting. 1900 hours.
  • February 2 – Zoom Meeting. 1900 hours. Presentation by Brother Kinne Sutton.
  • February 9 – Zoom Meeting. 1900 hours. Presentation by W. John Smith.

Masonic Birthdays

Meadows, Emmett Lonnie Brother – December 11, 1953 – 67 years
Erlich, Berl Meyer Brother – December 12, 1959 – 61 years
Blum, Paul Louis Brother – December 3, 1966 – 54 years
Munsey, Kenneth Bernard Brother – December 3, 1966 – 54 years
McKenzie, Charles Joseph Brother – December 1, 1972 – 48 years
Sharp, Robert Woodry Brother – December 5, 1975 – 45 years
Shaw, John Campbell Jr. Brother – December 8, 2004 – 16 years
White, Robert Wood Jr. Worshipful – December 8, 2004 – 16 years

W. Christopher Kelly’s Biography

Christopher Kelly was born and raised in Clemson, South Carolina. He roamed the countryside, learned to work with his hands, and was an active Boy Scout. For high school, he attended Christ School in Asheville, North Carolina. He split his undergraduate years between Clemson University; the University of Limerick, Ireland; and finished at American University with a BA in Theatre in 2007. After graduating, he spent two years teaching theatre, design, and Shakespeare at the Academy of the Holy Cross in Maryland. Overall, he spent a decade working as a lighting designer, carpenter, and technical director in the DC theatre community. In 2011, he moved back to Clemson and received his MA in Economics, publishing a thesis on the effect of corruption on national productivity levels. Moving back to the DC metro area in 2015, he has spent the last five years working as a project manager for non-profit and government entities. 

In August of 2018 Christopher was raised a Master Mason at Sharon Lodge, via a One Day Conferral, having been sponsored by W. Edward Brooks Jones and W. Joseph Carico Blue III. In December that year, he was installed as Senior Deacon. 2019 saw him join both Kemper -Macon Ware and Concord lodges. Christopher returned all three of his catechisms in 2019 at both Sharon and Kemper-Macon Ware. For the 2020 Masonic year, he was installed as Jr. Warden of Sharon Lodge, Marshal of Kemper-Macon Ware, and Sr. Warden of Concord Lodge. He was proud to be nominated by Troy Edward Van Winkle to serve as Master of Kemper-Macon Ware lodge for the 2021 Masonic year. He will also serve as Concord’s Marshal.

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